UCI Women's Hub


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The Womxn's HUB came about due to the collaboration of some Dynamic Womxn.  The Director of the UCI Cross Cultural Center, Jade Agua, in discussion with Tamara Austin who at the time was serving as the Gender Initaitive Director met up to discuss the absence of a Womxn's Center on the UCI campus.  Through discussions with other colleagues, we discovered that UCI had a rich history with a previous Womxn's center and due to budget cuts, the center was disbanded.  Looking at the number of women who were coming to the Cross Cultural Center and specifically accessing the Gender Initiative person for resources, we thought it was time to bring the Womxn's center back with a reboot for the future and a base from the past.  Working with alumni, current students, staff and faculty, we renovated a space in the Cross Cultural Center and in September 2017, the W-HUB was launched.  The W-HUB became an instant hit with the students and we are happy to report that we have served over 1000 students in our first year.  The resouce center serves as a resting place for Womxn.  In the space, Womxn can feel free to have discussions regarding anything that makes their world turn.  The space is an open forum where any and all topics can be engaged in.  We have had professors hold office hours at the space because students felt comfortable in the center.  We have had a Faculty-In-Residence who was instrumental in assisting Womxn with finding their voice in the classroom and in their personal and professional worlds.  The  W-HUB will continue to meet Womxn where they are and provide resources for them to grow into their desired version.  Well Behaved Womxn Rarely Make History.  Here at the W-HUB, Womxn make history everyday. 

Historically, women have had to fight in order to be recognized for their talents and skill sets. There was a time when the popular thinking was that women's minds were too delicate to deal with politics and they were too fragile to handle money or own property in their names. Although women may have gained ground in various sectors of society there are still lingering ideas about what gender equality should look like. Women are still being paid less than their male counterparts and the continuing stereotypes about women and women identified individuals plague all members of our society. The Womxn's Center focuses on women-specific needs and ideas through workshops, trainings and space interaction to assist women in discovering their personal empowerment. The space also offers ideas and tips to assist women in career development and personal growth. We are an open space where many women have had and will continue to have dialogue that informs their lives. Our space is open and affirming to all who believe in the strength of women, women identified persons and all allies. You can stop in for a piece of chocolate, a cup of tea or respite from our chaotic world. 

Tamara Austin, Director, MSW, LSW